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Company Profile

Orascom Housing Communities (OHC) is the first Egyptian company to focus on the development of high-quality affordable housing units within sustainable and fully-integrated townships in Egypt, regionally and internationally. Established in January 2007, OHC is a partnership between Orascom Development (OD) and US companies Blue Ridge and Equity International.The company's commitment to the community is ingrained in its business model. Each project is built from scratch, developing barren land from the ground up and providing the necessary infrastructure network.


Upon completion, OHC manages the township, performing routine maintenance and providing necessary services and facilities including schools, hospitals, stores, cafes, malls and sporting clubs which are incorporated in the master plan as an integral part of the project.In line with its vision to provide truly affordable housing, OHC partners with mortgage finance companies and banks to create payment plans tailored to individual needs with minimum possible down-payments and installments.


Community development is a core value for OHC. The company ensures that every township is self-sustained through the creation of employment opportunities including commercial and industrial activities. Moreover, OHC actively supports a wide variety of initiatives for the benefit of the overall community as well as underprivileged segments.


Currently, OHC has two projects underway; Harram City, OHC’s flagship project launched in May 2007, and Qena Gardens which was launched in July 2010. Internationally, OHC is set to launch budget housing communities in Romania and Turkey.